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About Spoticheck

Don't feel like waiting for the end of the year to view stats about your Spotify and music usage?
We have the solution for you.
Spoticheck offers you the possibility to analyze your music consumption in detail.

Stay up to date and analyze the change in your music taste. You can view not only your overall stats, but also analytics data about Spotify usage from the last six months or the last month.
Share your new favorite artists and genres with your friends on Instagram or other social networks. Get to know new genres and their peculiarities. Have fun!

Top Tracks & Artists

View the tracks and artists you mostly listened to. Compare yourself with your friends.

How fast are the tracks you are hearing?
Do you reach more than 120bpm?


Global Charts

What are the most popular songs in the world?
What music genre is your country listening to?

Do you listen to the standard artists or do you stand out from the crowd?
Find out your musical taste!


Get a comprehensive analysis of the playlists from your Spotify library.

Does your playlist have much energy?
How good can you dance to your playlist?
What are the most popular artists?



Beautiful charts allow a more pleasant and accurate analysis of your spotify usage.

Do you hear the standard genres or do you hear niche music? Which type of person are you?